Learn notes while playing music with Colorful Xylophone.

Follow the notes in the line to play the songs, while having fun as you learn.

It is an application that teaches music instruments for children and parents, playing great songs, discovering different sounds and developing music skills and notes.

You can play the notes you have learned in the game in any instrument because this is a real tutorial game.

The application interface is colorful and bright. Anyone can use the application.

With piano children, memory, concentration, memorization, power and creativity, the engine helps develop your intellectual, emotional skills.

When you play songs, you can press the record key and listen later.

The whole family can improve their musical skills!

You will learn and play 16 famous song compositions.Are you ready for this. Try it and see!

1.Happy Birtday To You
2.Jingle Bells
3.London Brige
5.Beethoven 9.Seymphony
6.Oh Susanna
7.I love You(Barney)
8.Dady Finger
9.Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
10.Song Of Joy
11.Silent Of Joy
12.The Elephants
13.My Hat
14.The Cockroach
15.I Have a doll
16. It’s Bitsy SpiderDARALT