This pink piano is designed to improve the musical abilities of children and parents. The app is easy to use and has good quality graphics. Our children can develop their music skills with this piano pink app. Each individual must learn and play an instrument. You should definitely try the pink music piano. Greetings to people who love the pink color.

Application Sound instruments available in.

Pink Accordion,
Pink Piano,
Pink Violin,
Pink Flute,
Pink iXylophone,
Pink Cartoon Sounds,
Pink Saxophone,
Pink Melodica,
Rose Gold Piano
Kids Accordion,
Kids Piano,
Kids Violin,
Kids Flute,
Kids Melodica,
Kids Saxophone,
Kids Guitar,
Baby Piano,
Baby Accordion,
Baby Saxsaphone,
Baby Violin,
Baby melodica,

You can record songs you play in the application and then listen to them. So you can evaluate your performance. I wish good games and good training.

I have respect for you.